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We recognize that medical expenses can be overwhelming, especially for those without health
insurance, or with plans that have very high deductibles.

Mount Desert Island Hospital & Health Centers has a Patient Financial Assistance Program that provides free care or cost share options to eligible patients. If interested, a complete application is required.

Our Patient Financial Assistance Program helps to make our services available to everyone in our community. This includes people who don't have health insurance and can't pay their hospital bill and patients who do have insurance but are unable to pay the portion of their bill that insurance doesn't cover. In some cases, eligible patients may not be required to pay for services. In others, they may be asked to set up an payment plan that is acceptable to Mount Desert Island Hospital.

If you think you might be eligible for either of our programs or have questions about the eligibility requirements described above, please contact one of our patient financial service representatives. They can be reached Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm at (207) 288-5082, extension 1202.

You will be provided a Financial Statement (FS) form to complete and sign and you will be asked to provide all the supporting documentation we request within our program's timeline. Applying to Mount Desert Island Hospital's Patient Financial Assistance Program is not a guarantee that you will qualify.

We understand that the need for financial assistance can be a sensitive and deeply personal issue and we are committed to maintaining confidentiality of requests, information and funding for all who participate in our program.


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207-288-5082, extension 1202

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